Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Things do do (knitting)

Perhaps I need to get more organised so I thought that if I had a list of things that I should be knitting or at least finishing it should give me time to get it all done. I am not a miracle worker when it comes to knitting and although I can knit quickly, it can still be more interesting to start a new project than finish up an old one. I realised that my queue list on Ravelry was becoming unmanageable and unknittable so have started a process of rationalising it. Everything that I have queued is going into my favourites and then I am going to have a maximum of 25 things in my queue so I have a choice of things but only once I have finished them then will more be added. I can see me having thousands and thousands of favourites but I do like many many things so this isn't a problem.

So the list of WIPs - this includes those that are slumbering and hibernating (I'll add photos, possibly, when I get round to it)
  • Grey Socks - these only need the very point of the toe to get them done and dusted but I lost the pattern and got excited about my Jaywalkers. I shall make them the priority as they could probably be done in an evening if I just GOT ON WITH IT!!!!
  • Topsecret - I love this, the colour is great, I really enjoyed knitting it, it knits really quickly but I got a bit unstuck when it came to the decreases after the arms. I took off too many too quickly and it looked odd and certainly didn't fit. I have to frog back to joining the arms again and start over but really it might take a long weekend and it should be done. Perhaps it's the project for the next weekend I have without my lovely man - it will keep me entertained and I will have another project off the list.
  • Striped Scallop Throw - just finish it. Perhaps I need to knit half an hour of this a day and it will get gone.
  • Fluffy - I started this and now have a person who wants it, I just have to finish it off, perhaps a couple of nights maximum. If I can remember the pattern - mind you I was just making it up so it shouldn't be too difficult to get it sorted.
  • Jaywalkers - these were started and one was completely finished and then I got sidetracked and started the second one. But never finished. I'd say a week of bus knitting should sort it out.
  • BFF - again a half finished pair of socks, but again a week of bus knitting and it should be done.
  • I Do shrug - this was meant to be for a friend and also my Tour de France KAL project but I managed to not finish it. I ran out of yarn and then the shop didn't have any more and I had to wait and then I got distracted and never went back to it.
So I have quite a list of things that need finishing - and that doesn't include those that I have already on the pins: Orange Boheme, Helena, Smackdown socks and Smackdown stole. Will I get them done? Of course I can and of course I will. No more things until I have them cracked.

Except the Aran that I am going to be knitting for my man's xmas present. He has been waiting for a couple of years so I really should get round to it.

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