Friday, 12 September 2008

Rant Alert - Rant Alert

This is going to be a rant so if you are easily offended by people having an opinion then please look away now.

Okay. . . so I have been battling away in Summer 2008 Yarn Smackdown and it's a well orgainised contest with loads going on.

I started on the start day on the 8th August and started knitting a pair of purple Starry Starry Night Socks. It took me a while to really get going as I was not feeling upto par and a few other things went a bit tits up so I didn't knock them out with my usualy gusto. I even thought about pulling out of the contest but things changed and I began to feel better so got the socks finished on August 23rd and posted off to my target the next day.

Hurrah hurrah I had finished without getting killed myself.

So I wait for my SIPs to be shuttled back to me, ready for me to kill again. I have no word from her, no registration of death, nothing. Then I get a letter saying that she's going to resurect herself as a zombie but isn't sending me the yarn as she's going to use it to kill her target. So I email her and say that the rules say the SIPs or the yarn comes to me so I can carry on in the game. I contacted the organiser who says that I can start with my own yarn or wait for hers but gives me my next target's dossier. So I pick the pins again and start to knit the second pair.

Again I hear nothing from my original target, so last week I emailed asking her to register her death, but hear nothing back. I know that people have different ideas of how these games should be played but I thought that this was just a bit off.

Now comes the big rant bit

So last night I got home and then was a parcel crammed through the letterbox - you've gotta love posties ;o) - and inside there was the yarn from my original target. It is awful: horrible, nasty, plastic and acrylic. It creaks when you move it. You could use it to stick babies to the ceiling with there's that much static coming from it. Wearing socks made from it and you'd probably be able to power your computer just by rubbing your feet together. It's BAD.

I know that not everyone can afford lovely yarns - times are hard and we are all feeling the pinch. But there are loads of good, basic and well priced yarns out there. I think that she just grabbed something 4 ply ish from her stash, bundled it into the envelope had done with it but this stuff is just blurgh!

But the main thing was that in the note she sent with it she didn't see why she should send the yarn and that she had looked and said that it said nothing in the rules. But it's really clear and questions from people new to these knitting battles are invariably about who do they send their WIPs to. She bascially got a nicely knitted pair of sock to her size, in a nice colour from decent yarn and then thinks that she doesn't have to send anything in return.

GGGRRRRHHHHHH, yeah fine, just expect me to knit for a complete stranger who then decides your time and effort isn't even worth a decent yarn in return to battle again with!!

OOOOoooo - I am so peeved

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