Thursday, 11 September 2008

I am dead

Well Smackdown Scarf dead - many thanks to my lovely target Sephiroth who killed me with a lovely soft greyish scarf. I'll put some photos up later but the snaps I took last night seemed to feature my double chins more than I thought appropriate (it's not that kind of blog) so I shall take some more this evening with the camera on the tripod and see if they are any better.

Now there is the delightful chase of trying to hunt down WIPs and who they need to get to. I have contacted my target, but she is also dead so hopefully she can get in touch with her assasin to get her to send the WIPs scarf back to my assasin's assasin as Sephiroth is also dead. It can get very complicated - how does Helen (the boss of smackdown) keep it organised?

I'm still in with the socks and stole but oh dear, oh dear, oh dear am I having problems with the darned stole. I managed to mess the repeat up in two lovely ways and didn't spot it until I had added another 3" to the stole. Not only did I manged it across the row, I also managed to knit the same row three times. Obviously I cannot knit lace with slidey yarn and do anything else. No tv, no radio, no talking of any kind. The strange thing is, is that I have actually got the pattern in my head so don't need the chart or text. I just need to concentrate more.

Anyway . . . the socks are going well and I might have them finished in time for posting off on Saturday so that's nice.

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