Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Where has the past few months gone? I have been drifting again and haven't been keeping track of time. This past few days I have been trying to get stuff sorted to sell on ebay again. I figure the onset of autumn and the general crappiness of the summer weather might get people on their 'puters again. So far all I have listed is books, and books and a few cds but I'll break into some of the bags and start to pull out the clothes and nick nacks that I no longer need. Which is most of it if I was to be honest.

I think that I really want to get rid of most of my stuff but at the same time it's a comfort to know that it's there. It has nothing to do with how much things cost me to start with but I suppose that it's filled a bit of my house for so long that I'm not sure what I'd do with all the space: make more room for the things that I actually use and need I imagine. I'm not sure that I am a hoarder as I don't keep broken or useless items (but I suppose it depends on your definition of useless) but everything I keep has got a use, I just don't use them. So I am going to try and get rid of just about everything and the stuff that doesn't sell I'll donate to charity or freecycle. Might even have a yard sale next spring if I have anything left.

I wonder why there are those that amass stuff and those that find it easier to keep things simple, uncluttered. I definitely amass but what is the trigger for that? There has to be an element of security in having things about you, even if you don't look at them or use them, but what starts it off? As a child I had lots of toys and was messy. As an adult I am still messy and still have lots of things. Not many clothes but just things, books; that I don't read, yarn; but I am beginning to use that more and not buy so much 'new' stuff and other things.

This is rambling and not really getting me anywhere, but I am curious about the amassing of junk and why some people do and some don't. And can a person swap from being one to the other and not feel as though something of them has gone.