Monday, 20 July 2009

On the Plinth

I am going to be standing on the plinth in Trafalgar Square, London for a whole hour on Tuesday 21st July from 6am. It's part of an work of public art called One and Other by Antony Gormley - the man behind the Angel of the North, Another Place and Field. He plans to fill the plinth for 100 days with members of the public who are being chosen randomly from all parts of the UK. Those overseas can apply too but since you cannot choose when you get to go on to it you do kind of have to know where you might be in the next couple of months.

I've been trying to come up with a fab thing to do but since I do not have a cause to sell or anything to promote I shall probably just do some knitting and have a look around.

I'm kind of excited as it's a big project but made of individuals so it has that unconnected element too.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Busy Doing Nothing

Working the whole day through,
Trying to find lots of things not to do

Oh where has the past month gone? I was made redundant 6 weeks ago and I still haven't really done anything. I potter in the garden. I fill in job applications and I pretend to be really busy. But in reality I am just sitting here, perving the internet and doing very little. I should try harder to do something.

Well, that's a bit of a fib, I have been doing a few things. I have finished off a couple more small projects for the WIPs Wrestlemania. So far my total stands at sewing on the handles of a bag, finishing a pair of socks, performing surgery on a bear/mole/peanut/potato creature (don't ask it just gets messy) and finishing off a crochet octopus. I have also made great strides on my Cathode sweater and have finished the body and the ribbing and have just, this very night, started on the sleeves. I also did a bit of tidying up and found a couple more projects to add to the ever growing pile of WIPs. I have also reached a decision about my Topsecret sweater that has been languishing since November 2007 - it's going to be unravelled and I shall use the yarn for something else. I'll never wear it even if I were to finish so better that I make something I'd want to wear. So I have knitting successes to boast about, it's just the rest of things that is a bit poo.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

And another one goes

This is my Garter Goth Jacket - it's a large child size. I had worked out how to up size the pattern from the original design and started, then realised that I did not have a recipient for it but thought that I'd carry on just in case.
From GlamGirl Knits

It sat, or rather flumped in the WIPs bag for a while. I took the needle to use for another project and I suppose at that point I should have known that this was a goner. Still I did nothing. today I was hunting through the bag to find another WIP to finish off and made the decision to frog it and be free from it forever.

It put up a fight, the yarn is that slightly fluffy stuff that catches on the ends of the rows,and I had to break it 3 times but I finally managed to wrangle it.
From GlamGirl Knits

I like the way that it stripes so will re-use it on another project - I was thinking that Hanne from Knitty might do very well.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another one bites the dust

Yay - got another one of my projects finished. This time it's the green woolen bag that I finished ages ago except for adding the handles. Well they are not done and it's all green and red and FINISHED
I also played with Abomination Bear who is currently being bashed up in the washing machine so I'll know later today if my surgery worked and I added a fair amount to my Green and Lumpy Cathode.

Monday, 6 July 2009

First one down

Thanks to WIPs Wrestlemania I have managed to finally get the BFF socks by Cookie A onto the mat in into submission: it's only been a year.

and a side view

The yarn is Knit Picks Dancing which is a wool, cotton and nylon with added elastic and is a great summer weight sock yarn. I think that the colourway is Hula but I misplaced the ball bands before I got all of the details onto Ravelry.

They are a great fit. I didn't make any modifications except for twisting the cable the other way on one of the socks. Not that it's visible because of the variegated nature of the yarn but I know that it is there. I am very pleased with them and are wearing them as I write.

Now I just have to get a few more things done - might deal with the abomination bear today. I won't show pictures just yet as it's not a pretty sight.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

WIPs Wrestlemania

Attentive readers of my lovely blog would have noticed that I often rattle away that I have loads of things to finish and that I really should do them and that I will not start anything new until I have finished at least one thing and that I really, really would do this but I keep getting distracted. Well I have signed up to WIPs Wrestlemania 2009 on Ravelry in an attempt to actually get some of this rouge and random projects finished.

Basically through out July the aim is to get as many unfinished projects finished - it really is that simple. I'm starting with a over half made pair of socks - my BFF that have been languishing for many a month now. This is how they are now

Hopefully I should be able to report, very soon, that they are a wearable pair of socks

After I finished them, I have a load of small things that need sorting. Most of these are simple little things like a leg for a tortoise, 3 legs for a bronty, sewing the lining up of a bag, knitting the mate to a sock or two, that kind of thing. After I get the amateur (the way anything with more that 60% complete) stuff sorted then I'll tackle the bigger things that have been lurking.

Wish me luck