Thursday, 1 October 2009

Test knitting a sock

So the called went out on Ravelry by Lottie Lodge that test knitters were needed for a pair of socks and I thought "Why not!" so said I could do it and the pattern was duly sent. There are always a few small problems that the designer has overlooked and it helps to have things knitted by others just so that it all works out as the designer plans.

I started with some Wendy Mode 4 ply in a deep red that I had as the design has a distinct cable pattern and verigated yarn can hide small but perfectly formed details like that. I started with a swatch and that seemed to be fine. I was knitting the wide version but the yarn really wasn't playing along. It started off wide and just got worse and worse. I kept checking to make sure that I hadn't managed to get more stitches into the design but no, it was the yarn.

This is it just bofre starting the heel and it's already wide, by the time it was up and over the ankle I was very baggy. I suppose that I'm used to knitting socks with sock yarn which can be more tightly spun, but this was 50% wool and 50% acrylic and has quite a lot of loftiness to it and I think that once a critical mass was reached with the sock it started to have it's own rules.

Anyway I knew that there was no point on carrying on so I started again. This time I'm using Schoppel-Woll Zauberball in a lovely long repeat of reds into oranges and browns and back again and it is behaving much better.
From GlamGirl Knits

I have one finished and am cracking on with the other so hopefully by the weekend I should have a lovely new pair of cabled autumn socks to wear, just as the weather turns.