Wednesday, 26 December 2012


So what do you do to fill that time between Giftmas and New Year? Last year I worked, not hard admittedly but I went into the office and spent the time doing nothing much. This year though, my boss has closed the office until the new year so I am left with things that should be done, things I could do and things that I want to do.

So thus far today I have made some soda bread (wanted to) and some washing (had to as we had run out of towels) and now I'm left with a few hours before the decent xmas telly kicks in so I have started to sort out my yarn stash (again).

Since discovering Ravelry almost 5 years ago I have played about with my stash pages. There are times when I diligently record everything before starting a project. Usually I just rip off the ball band and start which has led to a truly scrappy looking set of wools. And my stash has become scattered about the house. skein separated from skein, ball missing its twins. So the project that I am going to concentrate on for a few day will be sorting out this mess and try to reunite sets. 

It will also give me a chance to really think whether I want some of this stuff any more as I have quite a few single balls of things that I don't really like and in 2013 I want to start becoming more critical about the things I have and whether I really like them or not. Keep the good things and jettison the duff stuff may become my motto.