Thursday, 19 January 2012

Small steps

Fitting in with my small steps leading to small changes leading to actually doing things I have decided to start with my blankets again. When I first arrived on Ravelry I saw loads of projects following Shelley Kang's Sock Yarn Blanket and I thought "OOOOooooohhhh, Pretty" so started on my own in 2009 using what ever scraps of sock yarn I had left after knitting socks. I started fairly well but I began to do fewer blocks a week until it just stopped. I even used to pull it out every now and again with the intention of starting but nowt happened. This is what it looks like today

I even started another one in September 2011 when I found a great source of lovely blue double knit wool (Sirdar Escape) and felt the stirrings to knit another - this one was going to be a stocking stitch one as I loved the way the blocks looked like scales (the original is garter stitch). And although all went well for the first few weeks I gradually stopped that one too.

But small steps means that I have dug them both out and have decided to knit 10 blocks a week to each of them - it might be more but will not be less. Thus far I had added my 10 weekly blocks to my blue blanket and it now looks like this
I shall crack on with scrappy one and gradually it will get to be a size that makes it useful but in small, small steps

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Small change

Yesterday I was thinking about how much time I waste over the course of a day, a week, a month and who knows how much over the course of a year. Birthdays always make me feel reflective (it’s mine tomorrow) and perhaps this is what triggered my pondering.

I’m by nature a lazy person, the type that will lie in bed all day putting off going to the lavatory for as long as possible just so I don’t have to get up: laying there getting hungrier because I don’t want to move from my snug. I realise that this is quite a childish attitude and how (potentially) destructive it is but I have formed a habit and as we all know habits are hard to break. But how do you go about finding a different style of life that doesn’t feel like an imposition?

I’m a great fan of change one small things and keep doing that (well I am a fan of it now but my laziness could kick in and then I’m back to the beginning) so I did the first small change yesterday. I took up running again.

I don’t pretend to be a great athlete (I’m lazy remember) but I started C25K last summer and found it oddly enjoyable. Unfortunately I managed to seriously twist my ankle to the extent that I could feel the ligament ripping and gave up, well was forced to give up. Instead of finding another exercise regime that would allow me to retain the fitness I had painstakingly gained I just hobbled away. DOH!

Yesterday was the first small change that will lead to my very short term goal of doing again tomorrow (but maybe not as it is my birthday) and leading onto my short term goal of running/walking every other day for the next few weeks. I’m not planning anything beyond that as it is a point that I cannot imagine but I figure if I get a few short term goals behind me then I might just start planning a few mid-length goals and then who knows? World domination may be mine.