Thursday, 19 January 2012

Small steps

Fitting in with my small steps leading to small changes leading to actually doing things I have decided to start with my blankets again. When I first arrived on Ravelry I saw loads of projects following Shelley Kang's Sock Yarn Blanket and I thought "OOOOooooohhhh, Pretty" so started on my own in 2009 using what ever scraps of sock yarn I had left after knitting socks. I started fairly well but I began to do fewer blocks a week until it just stopped. I even used to pull it out every now and again with the intention of starting but nowt happened. This is what it looks like today

I even started another one in September 2011 when I found a great source of lovely blue double knit wool (Sirdar Escape) and felt the stirrings to knit another - this one was going to be a stocking stitch one as I loved the way the blocks looked like scales (the original is garter stitch). And although all went well for the first few weeks I gradually stopped that one too.

But small steps means that I have dug them both out and have decided to knit 10 blocks a week to each of them - it might be more but will not be less. Thus far I had added my 10 weekly blocks to my blue blanket and it now looks like this
I shall crack on with scrappy one and gradually it will get to be a size that makes it useful but in small, small steps

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