Sunday, 28 June 2009


I am sorry that I have been missing in action recently. Nothing terrible happened but I just didn't have much enthusiasm for things. Been tinkering and sort of knitting and all those things that I'm really good at that mean I don't actually have to do any work of any kind. I'm bored with that now though, so have decided that this is the week when it all will change.

I'm planning on finally getting a website sorted out for selling my vintage and retro knitting patterns. I had a look around, asked a few people, read a couple of reviews and have come up with Mr Site as the most likely candidate. I like them as they offer a hosting plan, there is blog space and I can upgrade the site if it becomes super poplar and I need more space. Everything seems nice and simple and simple will be best for me as I am so easily distracted.

I'm just working out what colour schemes I fancy and how I want the menus to work and I will also have a mountain of scanning which I'm not really looking forward to but needs to be done. I also have to think about the pricing structure and what the postage costs will be too.

I don't have the cash at the moment to buy the package but I should get my redundancy money through by Tuesday so hopefully will be online by next weekend with a taster of what the whole site will look like.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Odd music

I've said before that I never used to listen to new music but then found which has given me a whole new world of music that I love. I have come across some new things but it's also great to hear that so many others share my excellent taste in music.

That said there have been a few changes to blip the biggest of which is video streaming. Basically they have signed up with Youtube and now when you search there are a whole load of vids that come up first before you scroll down to the plain music. I don't mind this as it has brought up a whole new element to my listening that I had never considered before. In the past couple of weeks I have heard incredible rough versions of Elvis classics, Green Day wannabies, classical music played by ham fisted muppets, junior high school productions of Grease (is Grease suitable for junior highschool?) and every other musical horror known.

But I have also heard amazing versions of fabulous music that I would never have discovered as well. Delicate and unusual versions of Jimi Hendrix classics, small scale bands that really should be signed, nervous classical performers who delight the soul and just a few crazy people to perk up the day. So next time you hook into go on the public channel and see if there are any treasures that you weren't expecting.