Monday, 2 August 2010

Goodwood Roller Marathon

It's now only 6 days to the Goodwood Roller Marathon. For those that might not know about this, it's a sponsored charity skating event held at the historic racing track as Goodwood (the clue is in the title). I am doing this and I think that I am slightly mad for doing it.

I started skating with the Sheffield Steel Roller Girls at the end of April and I love is so a group of us are doing the marathon for the Sheffield Children's Hospital and so far we have raised over £500. Our target is £600 so please donate if you can. We have a Just Giving page and any amount would be gratefully received.

Most of us who are going have been practicing on bits of tarmac around Sheffield and its been lovely to get to know my team mates outside of the derby environment. Our favoured place of practice is Millhouses Park as it has a fab length of tarmac that's over half a mile long. Okay, we have to avoid other park users but that's where our derby training comes in: really it's only the dogs and children that are the main problems, the adults usually flee for cover when they see us coming.

So for Sunday wish us good weather and a calm day and I hope to come back having skated 26.62 miles and had a lot of laughs.