Monday, 6 July 2009

First one down

Thanks to WIPs Wrestlemania I have managed to finally get the BFF socks by Cookie A onto the mat in into submission: it's only been a year.

and a side view

The yarn is Knit Picks Dancing which is a wool, cotton and nylon with added elastic and is a great summer weight sock yarn. I think that the colourway is Hula but I misplaced the ball bands before I got all of the details onto Ravelry.

They are a great fit. I didn't make any modifications except for twisting the cable the other way on one of the socks. Not that it's visible because of the variegated nature of the yarn but I know that it is there. I am very pleased with them and are wearing them as I write.

Now I just have to get a few more things done - might deal with the abomination bear today. I won't show pictures just yet as it's not a pretty sight.

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