Wednesday, 1 July 2009

WIPs Wrestlemania

Attentive readers of my lovely blog would have noticed that I often rattle away that I have loads of things to finish and that I really should do them and that I will not start anything new until I have finished at least one thing and that I really, really would do this but I keep getting distracted. Well I have signed up to WIPs Wrestlemania 2009 on Ravelry in an attempt to actually get some of this rouge and random projects finished.

Basically through out July the aim is to get as many unfinished projects finished - it really is that simple. I'm starting with a over half made pair of socks - my BFF that have been languishing for many a month now. This is how they are now

Hopefully I should be able to report, very soon, that they are a wearable pair of socks

After I finished them, I have a load of small things that need sorting. Most of these are simple little things like a leg for a tortoise, 3 legs for a bronty, sewing the lining up of a bag, knitting the mate to a sock or two, that kind of thing. After I get the amateur (the way anything with more that 60% complete) stuff sorted then I'll tackle the bigger things that have been lurking.

Wish me luck

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