Tuesday, 2 September 2008

On the Pins

So, at the moment I have 4 things that are being tinkered with.

A pair of lace socks - these are for Summer Yarn Smackdown. They are being knitted in Cygnet Wool Rich 4 ply which is a good solid sock yarn. It might not have the jiggery pokeries of some of the lovely colours and textures but it washes well and is hard wearing and I kind of like having solid colours to use too.

I am also playing with Helena - this is being knitted from the remnants of some Sirdar Salsa. I started ages ago to use this yarn for a cardigan but lost the pattern and my way so I decided to reknit a toddlers jacket for my friend's daughter. I really like to blue. I have modified it slightly as I didn't want it to be too long so left off the last set of pattern repeats. I'm also going to add buttons rather then the ties. I hope that she likes it.

There is also a Boheme but I'm not entirely sure who it is for. I got all excited as my cousin and his wife recently had another child and I thought that I would knit it for her but it is coming out huge. Mind you I am knitting it in an aran weight Finnish yarn - Novita Spektri Plus. This yarn was sent to me in a swap and Ireally like the texture of it. The colour is a little bit patchy for my taste but i think that it is knitting up very well. I have modified the arms slightly as I cast off with the picot edging that will be done for the hem too. Perhaps the sprog will grow into it.

And lastly I have the Summer Yarn Snackdown stole on the go. This seems to be taking ages even to do a small amount. The yarn is Sirdar Silky Look and it's a nice slinky yarn so I think that it is going to work well as a stole. Hopefully I can finish it before I get assainated by stole myself.

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