Monday, 1 September 2008

Startings - again

This is going to be a much better blog - I like the name more already. I did have another blog that I have kept as an archive here but from now on I shall be listing everything on this one.

I am going to manly be chatting about my knitting experiences but also about my attempts to open an online store selling my vintage knitting patterns (I've also got one for postcards if anyone if interested). I'll also be prattling about my life every now and again. I'm not a terribly public person - although some might say I have exhibitionist tendencies but that's another story all together, but I am bit freaked by those blogs that give every little details.

I'm going to up date my ever growing list of WIPs (curses to Ravelry), probably on a weekly basis and possibly on a Tuesday, but there is one of those little gadget, widget things from Rav that has my wips (and that looks wrong in lower case) so that will give a more detailed list.

I am financially stuck at the moment (big time) so I shall be trying to not spend money and knit from the stuff I have in my stash so that'll be a challenge of it's own. Once I am in balance more with the cash I can see that I'm going to have to be really disciplined or it's all going to go tits up again.

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