Monday, 1 September 2008

Death to Kaphine

In the nicest possible way of course. I have finished, blocked and posted off the lace scarf for the Summer Yarn Smackdown and it is soon to be flying away to the west.

I started with some yarn from my stash that I now recognise to be some of the ugliest yarn in creation. Brown is not a lacy colour anyway but it was just horrible, although it knitted up and showed the pattern well enough it was just wrong.

So I started again - hunting through the stash for something light and fluffy and fun and arrived at some Rowan Kidsilk Haze in pink. Hey presto! a lovely flightly scarf began to take shape and I am quite pleased at how it turned out. Normally I don't block things for these knitting battles but the scarf looked so much better for it and it didn't delay anything so Kaphine now gets a lovely scarf (well I hope that she thinks it's lovely) that is ready to wear.

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  1. Still waiting with great anticipation.


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