Monday, 25 January 2010

A knitty art project

What a fab idea is this? Take a social networking site (like Twitter) and take some talented artists (like us) and take knitting (or your interpretation of knitting) as a medium. Let people issue instructions as tweets (so limited to 140 characters) and see what happens. Well that it the latest project from Platea.

If you want to join in then contact either @InnyM or @Platea and say you are on board. Hashtag #plateaknit so they can be added to the archieve and knit away.

The project runs for the next week and you can either start a new project or incoporate it into an existing one.

Since my existing projects are either a pair of socks and my sock blanket, I'm going to start a scarf with some chenille stuff that my sister has hanging around and see where I get with the limited amount.

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