Thursday, 7 January 2010

Masonic Lodge Socks

I have actually finished a pair of socks and may even start another before the end of the month. Here they are in their finished glory

This pair are for my lovely man who wanted a pair of socks that weren't too loose and baggy and held their shape. The ribbing and cable detail on these look as though they'll do the job.

They are made from trekking XXL and I found it rather tough to use. The finished fabric feels a bit hard but I am going to wash them to see if it blooms slightly. It's still comfy enough for socks though even if is only softens a little.

As well as the socks I have also been cracking on with my sock blanket - now I realise how addictive it can be. 3 days ago I had 24 squares to it and now I have 35. It's still tiny compared to what it is going to be but I can see progress and that makes me smile.

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  1. My "other half" has been pestering for a pair of socks too but I was putting it off cos he only likes black and other dark colours. I might suggest he goes for something like this.


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