Friday, 26 March 2010

Bad me but fabulous dresses

I haven't blogged for ages and ages and now I have things to say and I'm getting a bit shy. BUT Bold is my fashion, so since I have some fabulous vintage dresses that are now on ebay I thought that I would share them. They are listed here and there are some crackers among them. How about this great late 1960s Waltah Clarke Maxi dress? It's a UK size 14 with a start price of only £4.99.

or if you are more into the Hawaiian prints of Alfred Shaheen how about this beauty? A red with black printed pattern in a UK size 14 or 16

Or are you more of a disco queen and would love this fabulous Furstenberg wrap dress (not sure if it is DIANE von Furstenberg) dress but it's still pretty stunning. It's a UK 12 and again starts at £4.99

But I think that my favourite out of the clothes that I have on ebay today is this beautiful vintage 1940s rayon dress with original matching belt in a UK 16 or 18.

I have more to put on, a fab mod dress in cream wool with an abstract pattern, a multi-coloured cotton late 1950s dress that brilliant, a satin cocktail dress that needs a bit of TLC, an early 1940s that needs some care but is beautiful. I have an amazing 1950s wiggle dress that will make you feel like Marilyn and a sharkskin dress that is to die for. I just need to get myself sorted and then it will be all up for sale as I am not going to wear this stuff, even though I love it and it's better that it goes to someone who will love and wear it.

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