Monday, 3 November 2008


That's what I am. Really really grumpy.

I am still waiting on some SIPs for the advanced sock smackdown. These were meant to be posted on October 1st and they are still not with me. I know that they are coming from Canada but I would have thought that they could have taken a ride on a passing whale and then walked and still have gotten to me quicker. I have never had anything take this long from either the US or Canada and I've not had any contact from the sock deaded person either so have no idea what's going on. I have contacted the organiser but what can she do in all reality?

I'm not sure how long SIPs have to be missing before they are declared lost and I can start again but it's going to make me really grumpy if I have to splash out and buy more yarn. So far I have not had any SIPs - the first yarn, that came only after I asked where the yarn was, was so nasty that it posed a definite health hazard - death by electrocution would follow because the the build up of static electricity. So I started my second pair with my own yarn and now it looks like it is going to happen again.

And I'm also grumpy because I can't log onto the NaNoWriMo website - it take sooooooo long to do anything on that site. I have completely given up and will not bother updating my word count. Which is a shame as I really wanted to see the little bar on my progress thingy go up.

Oh and I'm grumpy about work as I am standing in the cold and can't knit because my fingers start to freeze.

But one good thing that is happening is that I have managed to crack on with the socks for the Day of the Dead competition. Should have the finished either tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow) so at least one thing seems to be going well.

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