Monday, 10 November 2008


The Rotherham of the South (with profound apologies to Rotherham and it's inhabitants)

Okay Gloucester isn't that bad but I am stuck for another week here without my usual entertainments. It's odd though, because I have Internet access and I have brought knitting but it still doesn't feel right. Things aren't that much different than I'd be doing at home but there is something that is missing.

Oh well.

I now have the confirmation that I was looking for that I can start a new pair of socks of the yarn smackdown advanced sock. I wonder if there are any yarn shops in Gloucester or even Cheltenham that might have something suitable. I know that there is a place in the market that does Zig Zag by King Cole and that makes a god pair but as it is variegated I think that it wouldn't necessarily suit a lace pattern. Well I'm going to be busy with work for the next couple of days but will see if I can hunt down yarn based product.

Although I don't know the size that I am knitting to I can at least get them underway.

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