Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Day of the dead

I have gotten rid of the blue and purpleness that was my Day of the Dead socks for knit-frog-knit.
day of the dead socks
It was odd not knitting the whole foot to the toes but there had been issues with people concerned that they might have to unpick socks if the socks were sent to someone other than the original target. So the new rule was that we were to o knit 5 inches oof the foot and then lifeline them, making sure that we included enough yarn for the target to finish their own socks.

Personally I think that it's a bit odd not finishing socks - there are knitters who take part in these knitting competition who can't wear wool but they usually seem content to at least have a pair of socks. I realise that socks can sometimes go through several people (so speak) before getting to their target but is it really that difficult to unpick few rows if the person has smaller feet and possibly use a contrasting yarn if they need to be much bigger?

Anyway the socks have been finished as much as I could - at least I remembered to weave in the cast on yarn. They just caught the last post out and are hopefully winging their way across the Atlantic.

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