Sunday, 23 November 2008

Day of the Dead Round 2

I finally managed to collect my mail from the sorting office and I now have the yarn for the next round of the Day of the Dead. The yarn came from knit-frog-knit and is a lovely bright rainbow of colours. It's Shepherd Sock by Lorna's Laces and is lovely.

The competition is on hold until December 1st as many of the competitors are in the US and it's Thanksgiving next weekend and it seems that there are loads of people travelling and so it was easier to stop the competition. It's a bit frustrating as the socks were only knitted to the cuffs and a couple of centimeters beyond and I can't touch them for over a week. But I rewound the balls as they were a bit tangled and now the yarn is sitting there - expectantly.

I also got a lovely wee bag with smellies and pretty pink glittery notebook from one of the members of the UK RAK (Random Act of Kindness). I'm back to Gloucester for 3 weeks on Monday so I shall take the smellies along and pamper myself a tad and the notebook will be used to for my stories.

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