Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Back from Skye

Phew that was a tough week - I have just spent the past 10 days yomping through the peat and over the beaches of the beautiful island of Skye (off the west coast of Scotland for those that don't know). The weather was okay - some brilliant days and towards the end of the week a few squally, wet days but that's what the Scottish Islands are all about - their unpredictability.

I managed to get the Advanced Socks off to Toffee's Mum . They were finished off on the train going up but I didn't manage to get to a post office until a few days later. And I have started the stole for advanced smackdown again too. I had previously tried it with a super slinky black DK but really couldn't get into the pattern so I changed the pattern from the Weekender Lace Wrap to the Sea and Shells stole. I changed from the slinky black to a lovely green 2 ply lambswool merino. I'm holding 2 strands together and it looks fab (well I think so).

The pattern is very appropriate for starting on Skye as I was looking for old, old shell middens in caves on the raised beaches next to the sea. I've got quite far and am now back and will continue to knit as fast as I can.

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