Sunday, 26 April 2009

Slightly Obsessed

I came across this on the wonder that is Twitter and I have become hooked.

I'm terrible at finding new music for a whole load of reason but mostly because I can't stand 'modern' radio stations. In the old days DJs knew their place, they were there to tell you a bit about the band or song and then play it - no chit-chat, no thinking they were funny but really they were just crass, no anecdotes about their girlfriend/mum/dad/dog/boyfriend/bus driver. They had a job to do and that was that. But something changed and everything in radioland went tits up and suddenly there were 1000s of 'personalities' out there all thinking they were funny and that their opinion mattered. I blame Steve Wright.

So I stopped listening to radio and my musically knowledge became trapped in the past with only a few things managed to penetrate. But now I have access to thousands of other people's choices with all the wonder and variety that music has to offer and I love it.

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