Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A Re-cap

Ages and ages ago I started in Summer Smackdown - we're heading into summer now, so it shows how long ago it was (August 2008 in fact). I was in the advanced socks category, the lace scarf, the lace stole and the bookmark event.

It probably didn't go quite as one expected as I never managed to get a pair of socks or even the yarn to start the killing again for the socks and it took me ages to finish off the stole, although the scarf was banged out relatively quickly but I only lasted a single round in that. Things went quiet and the organiser decided that since there was a recession that it was probably better to stop the contest, or at least not up date things so people got bored and wandered away. But she did start up another knitting battle (Day of the Dead which I also took part in). Anyway earlier this month one of the other competitors from Smackdown started things going again to see if there was anyone who just wanted to finish the game and it seems that there are several of us who did.

So now I have a person who will get the socks and have managed to get them to a quick finish - probably another day depending on how the bus trip goes. There is also someone who wants to finish off the stole match, however, I have managed to 'tidy' the half sent stole that was sent to me away and I am not sure where it is. So I have started again and last night I managed about 2.5" so only another 76" to go.

Wish me luck ;o)

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