Monday, 15 December 2008

Sorting out

Yesterday I went a bit mad and finally started to sort out the backroom - the room of doom, the terror room, the room crammed with so much stuff that I had a little path that went from the computer to the door and that was about it. Every bit of floor, spare bed, cupboards was just heaving with stuff. And it was not good.

I had so much that I couldn't actually see what I had and everytime I went in there I got depressed at the magnitude of starting to sort it that I would just end up ignoring it - Ravelry is such a wonderful distraction. But I have moved almost everything into my bedroom, which some might call displacement, but now it is not coming back into the spare room until it has been photographed, listed on turbo lister for ebay and then boxed up. I have bought 10 cardboard boxes which fit neatly into the cupboard and everything, well most of it, should fit in them.

So I managed to do 2 boxes yesterday and plan to do another couple tonight and I hope that by xmas I shall have them all done.

And then I can start on recording my stash properly as when I was tidying I found loads more that has never seen the light of Ravelry. But soon it will shine.

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  1. I keep trying to do the same thing, but get distracted


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