Thursday, 3 January 2013

Resolution: The First

A New Year, A New You!

At the beginning of the year we are assaulted by articles, images and suggestions on how to be better, stronger, more healthy, wealthier, thinner, fitter, more attractive, taller but there seems to be an overwhelming amount of pundits who can make us all better - if only we follow their advice. So we listen to them and make resolutions that we will eat this and exercise with that and sleep for 9 hours a night and have less stress in our lives and find the ideal partner and save a third of our incomes and donate to charity and be able to fit into the size 6 dress by the weekend.

I'm not much of a resolutions type of gal: far too lazy and easily distracted to stick at something but even I am planning on trying to do things that make me a happier with the things I have and to sort out those things that are less agreeable.

My first resolution is to write more - that's it. Nice and simple. I plan to write every couple of days (so be prepared for some of my ill-informed ramblings) about what I am doing and how things that are happening in the world affect me. Yes, it is self-centred but it's a starting point and if I go on who knows what I might be able to come up with? Okay, we both know that it's likely to be mostly about knitting but I also have knitting patterns trapped in my head that want to get out, there's a story or two up there too that escapes periodically so this could be the year.

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