Monday, 28 January 2013

Bus knitting

This is my bus knitting project for the week (and probably beyond)
I started it yesterday evening and it was at this state this morning as I got onto the bus at 8.20. I'm only going to knit it while I'm on the bus, or waiting for the bus - which is a bit tricky at the moment as it's so cold that my fingers freeze the second I take my gloves.

This is my January lunar socks for the UK Sock Knitters: each full moon through the year we're doing a different sock pattern based on different cultural associations and using 3 keywords to limit our patterns. It can be either a direct pattern name link, or the designer's name, or maybe the yarn you're using or some vague way to the word. This month it's Wolf, Ice or Rowan.

I'm going with Ice so have chosen Pond Ice Socks by Meg Croft Designs and is a free download through Ravelry. The yarn is Regia Design Line  Kaffe Fassett. I wasn't entirely sure if the yarn was okay for the pattern but it's growing on me so shall stay.

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