Tuesday, 20 January 2009

One World - One Heart goes live

Here's a swift update for those that might be reading. There is a blogging event called One World - One Heart that has started. Basically it is a way for us to read other blogs that we might not have read before and find new friends through the wonderful medium that is the world wide web.

The sites that are listed on the main One World One Heart site are giving away some freebies for those that comment on them (there's will be a particualr page that you should comment on). Hopefully it will introduce you to other sites and get people looking back onto yours (if you have one).

I will taking part once I am back home - I'm working away until later in the week and didn't manage to get things sorted before I left. But please check out the link and if you can add your own to the ever growing list of participants.

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