Monday, 12 January 2009

Felted Purple Flowers

I was playing around with yarn, tinkering with the idea of a felted flowers type of thing. I had tried the one in One Skein Wonders but it just didn't look right so I tried again with an improvised pattern based on that. These were knitted using Rowan Lambswool DK (a discontinued yarn) and if you are wanting to felt them afterwards them make sure the yarn felts

And here they are

They came out okay and I might play a bit more once I have some time free.

Basically it’s a cast x number of stitches on needles a couple of sizes larger than you would need for the yarn. Knit front and back every other one. Then knit a few rows, or knit and purl a few rows, or even do some ribbing for a few rows. Then increase again whenever you fancy. Knit a few more rows and cast off in whatever weird and wonderful way you want. For one of them it was a cast of 1 cast one 2 cast off 3 type of affair and the other was a cast off one cast on 1 cast off 2. That’s how the bobbles are formed. Then roll it up and stitch it down into a flower shape. I then threw them into the washer on a sheets and towels cycle and they came out as they have.

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