Thursday, 29 January 2009

Inappropriate Content

I have been spending the afternoon have a trawl through the One World - One Heart giveaways and every now and again a screen flashes up and block the page with "INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT" scrawled over it. I'm working away at the moment so am in a hotel/b&b in Gloucester and obviously the guy has it set that there is a filter on (which I don't have a problem with) but a thought struck me on this: some blogs must be just dripping with porn and perv and other "questionable" things. Although I have to say I have no problem with porn and perv in the right context I'm a little freaked with it on a set of crafting blogs?

Surely there can't be that many porn craft sites out there? Or are there whole nooks and crannies of the web filled with yarn laying provocatively, a come hither and fondle me look in their strands. Or fat quarters piled on each other having the time of their life. Or rolls of thread in all sizes and shapes being threaded through sewing machines, bending to the will of their master. Or vintage images bare and naked waiting to be transformed under someone elses bidding.

Oh come to think of it now . . .

BTW - remember to check out my own OWOH giveaway - I promise to get better photos up this weekend

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