Monday, 30 March 2009

My word I have actually cracked it


I have finally found a help site that can teach my obstinate brain the basic mechanics of crochet. I am not sure how I got there, some sort of Divine intervention possibly but I found Hook and Needles lurking on the web. I had been trying to teach myself for ages as I thought "I can knit. I can spin. Why can't I crochet?" Anyway I found this tutorial, which led to this one and then to this one and finally I have found the grail of amigurumi projects. Nibbler

To start with though, I'm just taking it easy
This was my first attempt, just a simple back and forth single (in the UK double) crochet. For my to sort out my tension and how to hold the hook and yarn.
From GlamGirl Knits

Now I'm not the sort of person who would knit 1000 scarves before moving onto trickier knitting patterns so I'd be blowed if I was going to crochet 100 mats - apart from anything else what do you do with them? Anyway I had a hunt through the magic of the Ravelry pattern search and came up with the pattern for an Easy Peasy Mouse
From GlamGirl Knits

I am so very proud

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