Monday, 11 March 2013

First Pattern Jitters

How is it possible to have so many jitters about a relatively simple pattern?

Self test knit 1:
Nannh! Possibly a bit too tall but just about. Maybe more a bloke’s cowl.

Self test knit 2:
Kind of but not quite and is might be too soft and collapse and not really be that functionally at keeping out the cold

Self test knit 3:
The best so far: but no quite. What does it need?
I know more rows. That’s what’s amiss

Self test knit 4 (or rather an addition to test knit 3)
Better. Got good height and width and fits and . . . is it everything I want this cowl to be
Yeah, I think it’s a pretty close 

Now to make sure I get the pattern written in a way that's understandable to the people not inside my head

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