Monday, 16 February 2009

New things

So I have been playing around with a few ideas for things for me to make and hopefully to sell. I love bags and have played with a few designs and stuff and I thought about patchwork but not the detailed handstitched ones. Those would take too long for me and also cost too much, although many are beautiful. So a few days ago I did the easy thing and ordered from ebay 2 sets of 6" squares.

One pack was plains and the others patterned with mostly flower mixtures. But they looked good together although it took me ages to get the pattern right. I didn't want any of the same patterns touching at the corners nor any of the plain squares. But just to make it that little bit more tricky there were odd amount in the packs but hey - I got it sorted.

I am not an experienced quilt maker but I can machine stich in straight lines and I will then back the wrong side with wadding and then a plain sheet. After that's all been done I'll machine a quilted pattern onto it and see if there is any interest in it. Hopefully this could be the start of a different tangent in my life but if not I have an pleasant throw to snuggle under when it gets cold.

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  1. This looks like a really beautiful arrangement, can't wait to see the finished item!
    Thanks for letting me know I'd won one of your beautiful hearts! I've sent you an email with my address. Cat


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